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Egypt Visa For Americans

The Egyptian Government introduced a digital system for American Travelers called Egypt e-Visa in 2011. It is travel permission for travelers visiting Egypt for holidays, Medical,  transit, or business purposes.

Egypt e-Visa is a Mandatory electronic travel document for all visitors and those who fail to obtain an Egypt online Visa can not be permitted into the country.  The Process is very easy and user-friendly.



Egyptian Visa

Citizens of the United States who wish to visit Egypt for a vacation must first get an Egyptian tourist visa. The Egypt visa on arrival for US citizens. residents and the online Egypt visa for Americans are the two types of visas that American citizens can receive to travel to Egypt for short periods for tourists.

Those who apply for an Egypt visa online from the United States can get an accepted tourist visa before traveling to Egypt as an American. The straightforward online application avoids the need to apply for a visa on arrival at an embassy or consulate or wait in huge lines upon admission.


Do US Citizens Require a Visa for Egypt?

Only a few nationalities, including all Gulf Cooperation Council countries, are eligible for visa-free travel to Egypt for limited periods (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman). All other foreign tourists, including U.S. citizens, must get a visa to enter Egypt unless they are passing through the country for less than 48 hours on their way to another destination.

The easiest method for U.S. citizens is to apply for an Egyptian visa online. In about 10 minutes, applicants can complete the simple online form and receive an approved e-visa for Egypt from the USA through email. They can then print a copy of the document to exhibit alongside their passport at Egyptian border control to gain expedited entry and avoid lines.

The online visa to Egypt from the United States is a single entry visa that allows for a single 30-day stay or a multiple entry visa that allows for numerous 30-day stays with each entrance. The Egypt e-visa with multiple entries is valid for a total of 6 months from the date of approval.

Travelers to Egypt from the United States can obtain an Egyptian visa on arrival at any country's border crossing sites. However, this requires waiting in immigration lines at the border to complete a visa on arrival application, which can consume a significant portion of the applicant's travel time.

Applicants requesting a visa on arrival in Egypt from the United States must pay the visa fee in cash only, as debit and credit cards are not accepted. Furthermore, American nationals are only permitted to stay in Egypt for 30 days on a visa on arrival.


Egypt Visa Requirements for US citizens

If you need to get Egypt Visa for US citizens, here is the process that one must know about how do I obtain an Egypt travel visa for US citizens. Here are the visa criteria for Egypt for the online application:

Applicants must provide the following information:

·    A passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of scheduled arrival in Egypt.

·      A Digital copy of the passport information page.

·      To pay the Egypt visa fee for US citizens, you'll need a valid credit or debit card.

·      An up-to-date email address for receiving the authorized e-visa for Egypt.


"Key Information About Egypt Visa for US Citizens"

Purpose Holidays, Transit & or Business
Visa Type e-Visa
Stay Maximum 30 Days 
Processing Time 05 Working Days - Urgent 03 Working Days
Visa Validity 90 Days - Upon Approval
Passport Validity 06 Months +

To ensure adequate processing time for the e-visa, U.S. nationals must submit their Egypt visa application at least seven days prior to their anticipated entrance date to the country. The applicant must produce the granted visa and their passport when entering Egypt after receiving it through email and printing a copy.

An authorized e-visa is associated with a specific travel document. As a result, the applicant must submit the online Egypt visa application using the same passport to travel to Egypt later. This is something that dual nationality applicants should keep in mind.

Similarly, if the applicant's passport expires during the visa's validity, a new Egypt visa US citizen must be obtained from the United States.


How to Apply for a Visa to Egypt from the United States?

The application form for an Egypt visa for US citizens is simple and uncomplicated to fill out. Applicants must complete the following personal, passport, and travel details on the online form:

·      Full name

·      Nationality

·      Date of Birth

·      Passport number

·      Passport issue/expiry date

·      Contact telephone number

·      Email address

·      Reason stay in Egypt and expected arrival date

Before submitting the form, applicants should carefully review it to ensure that all information is correct. This is because any information that differs from the details on their travel document, even minor inaccuracies, is likely to trigger processing delays or even e-visa refusal.

Those holding a printed copy of an accepted online Egypt visa for Americans can pass through any port of entry in Egypt, whether arriving by land, sea, or air.


Sticker Visa VS. E-visa

They aren't the same thing. Traditional Egypt visas for US citizens are physically stamped in a passport, whereas the e-visa is electronic. For e-visas, you have to fill out an online application. You can do it from anywhere and anytime. Regardless, the regular e-visa takes longer because you must submit documentation to the Embassy and, in many situations, pass an interview.


Egypt Visa Processing Time

The length of time it takes to get an Egypt visa for Americans varies depending on how you apply. If you apply for a Visa On Arrival, you will get it immediately. Or your application can be rejected as well.

Because the Egypt Visa for Americans takes around seven days to process, you should apply at least seven days before you plan to travel.

If you apply through an embassy or consulate, the processing period varies depending on the office you apply to. In most situations, it takes at least ten working days. Therefore, you should apply well ahead of time, but no earlier than three months before you plan to travel.

However, if you apply by mail, remember to factor in the time it will take to mail the paperwork back and forth.


Egypt Visa Extension For U.S. Citizens

At the Egypt Passport and Immigration Administration, you may be eligible to extend your Egypt tourist visa (short-term visa) for an additional 90 days. A copy of your passport, your Egypt visa, and enough money to cover the processing cost are all required.


Egypt Transit Visa

The length of your transit determines whether you require an Egypt Transit visa. In this way:

·    You do not require a transit visa if your transit is less than six hours, but you cannot leave the airport.

·     You may leave the airport and explore the nearby surroundings if your transit is 6–48 hours. Also, you must present a valid passport as well as proof of future travel.

·      If your transit lasts more than 48 hours, you must obtain the appropriate visa.


Egypt Tourist Visa

You can get an Egyptian tourist visa for up to 90 days. Nationals of eligible are free from applying for an Egypt tourist visa prior to travel. However, they must apply for a visa if they plan to stay in Egypt for an extended period.

Additionally, nationals of a number of additional countries are eligible to apply for an Egypt Tourist Visa. They can do it either in person or online once they are in Egypt.

Note: Those who qualify for an Egypt Tourist Visa On Arrival or Online must still apply in person at an Egyptian embassy or consulate if they plan to stay in Egypt for an extended period.

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Countries Eligible for Egypt Visa

FranceGermanyGreeceHoly See
JapanKorea, Republic OfLatviaLithuania
LuxembourgMacedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic OfMaltaMoldova, Republic Of
MonacoMontenegroNetherlandsNew Zealand
Russian FederationSerbiaSlovakiaSlovenia
United Kingdom (england, Northern Ireland, Scotland And Wales)United States Of America